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You can not convince me that gravity isn't that strong. Have you ever tried jumping? You come right back down. And therefore it only makes sense that these massive planets pull our blood around. A lot of people who might not have the most fortunate lives rely on Astrology, And therefor if you try to criticize it you are basically attacking them on a personal level for what they use to cope. People who don't use Reddit like me might not be as enlightened and might be unable to accept the reality. In closing if you do not believe in the science of Astrology than you are a vile bigot and a small brained human being!

According to chinese astrology, rabbit sign is the most peaceful personality same for pisces. Here i google searched on wiki serial killers born on rabbit years or pisces sign. Pisces: John Wayne Gacy Jr. March 17, — May 10, was an American serial killer and rapist.

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Morris Solomon Jr. Petr Zelenka born February 27, is a Czech serial killer. Astrologers did not scientifically study the alignment of the stars in relation to humanity in anyway. They just awarded certain signs with certain traits and planets etc. Just because you fit your signs does not mean anything! Astrology is just a thing put in newspapers every month. People like to feel like they can know themselves because we are really complicated.

Besides, how can the stars predict the future? They are nothing more than great balls of gas and flame. This is why astrology is bullshit. Astrology is an old pseudo-science that holds it's value in it's explanation of people at least in this modern day. People want to understand other people, and themselves.

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We like to identify with various concepts and components of this world in order to outline our and their personalities. It's why we wear certain clothes and attempt to define ourselves as certain types of people. When we romanticize who we are, all we are doing is forming an identity.

Astrology is a good place to start for understanding personalities, in the sense that it will provide an understanding of the archetypes by which we loosely generalize people. But we do not need astrology for that, while it was good for awhile, we have personality archetypes and have had them for sever millennium all the way back to Hippocrates' four humors.

All Hippocrates and astrology are today are anachronistic remnants, which only serve to conflict with better prevailing theories about human behavior and archetypes. Furthermore, the premise that celestial alignment at all affects the psychological development of people, with no proposed mechanism aside from the non-physical, is absurd and unfounded. Environment, and perhaps genetic predisposition, would never be superseded by any celestial bodies.

Unless something like the minute physical force of gravity exerted by those celestial bodies or maybe electromagnetic energy emanating from those bodies, was proved to have a substantial affect on a human-being's behavior, something that I doubt, then astrology should not be an accepted explanation of human behavior. I try to describe astrology by few adjectives fake , pseudoscience , bullshit ,nonsense ,ridiculous, fraud ,superstition , absurd , pathetic , rubbish by using suitable adjective in google, you will get masses of very on point reflections about it.

Like constellations were forming bilions of years just for you.

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They will even eventually go out as universe expands. If were people born on earth poles at same second one meter between pole "rod", they would allegedly have totally opposite houses. Some of my opposites signs after examination had much more of my sign planets affects just because being born in different year. After believing in it many years and confirming i met people for which i would swear-all in being that sign, i was completely wrong.

The more people you know, the more you realize its complete bullshit. Two problems I have with astrology are: the tropical zodiac, which I think most astrologers use instead of the sidereal zodiac , and the Age of Aquarius. In tropical astrology, the zodiac consists of 12 signs that last for a month. The zodiac signs and when the sun is in the signs has remained the same for over 2, years. About 2, years ago, the tropical zodiac more aligned with the stars. However, thanks to the precession of the equinox, the tropical zodiac is now out of touch with reality. This will certainly confuse believers should they ever want to actually check the heavens to find planets.

Also, we would think astrologers would agree on when the Age of Aquarius starts. No such luck. Popular starting dates are February 4, , the Summer of Love , November 11, , and most famously December 21, Astrologers seem to want to get the Age of Aquarius started as soon as possible if not yesterday, while on the other hand astrologers refuse to adjust their tropical zodiac, calling people born on March 22, Aries, when in reality, the sun would be for the time being in the constellation Pisces.

Inconsistency and unreliability makes astrological predictions questionable. It's amazing how people try to make up evidence with their own experiences or opinion as if it were actually true. Statistically proven, conformation bias is the primary reason why people feel that their specific horoscope applies to them. I respect anyone's believe because it is the most respectful thing you can do, but ignorance over things that are clearly not true and when there is more than enough evidence that disproves it is not okay or excusable. People should do more research to discover the truth over things they truly do not know rather than passing it off with saying, "It is true because I say so or it corresponds enough to my liking.

I don't understand what is the relationship between the stars and us. There are billions of stars in the galaxy and so the people on this earth, how can an astrologer predict our future depends on the movement of a particular star? How can a palmist predict our future when he himself sits on the roadside and doesn't know about his future. Sorry if i have written something wrong. I just gave my opinion. We all know about the famous experiment of Richard Dawkins, where he chose random people ,then asked them about their zodiac sign and told them about the predictions about another zodiac sign.

All of then said that the prediction was pinpoint and accurate, when truth was revealed all subjects were baffled. Many controlled experiments have proved that astrologers perform worse than a chimpanzee i. E random choice telling your fortune. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search.

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Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Do you believe in astrology? Astrology isn't mumbo jumbo Report Post. But I think that we astrologers ourselves are half the problem. We make promises we cannot keep. Every time we break one, we lose public credibility. And false promise numero uno is that we can see the future. Symbolism is not literalism. And astrology is a symbolic language. If we could truly accept that elemental principle, we would all be better astrologers. What do we actually see when we gaze into the crystal ball of astrology?

One good answer might be probabilities. I think there is an even better answer — one that we will get to soon. Say you are planning a picnic for ten days from now. You check the long-range weather forecast. They predict rain. Do you believe it? Do you cancel your picnic? Of course not. Meteorologists are often wrong about tomorrow, let alone over a week into the future. Literal, back-and-white astrological prediction has a similar level of reliability and it does so for similar reasons. Meteorologists work with statistical models.

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As such, they often work — and of course realistically that bad weather forecast probably does mean there is a fair chance it will rain on your picnic. In parallel fashion, if Uranus transits into your House of Marriage, there is an excellent chance there will be significant changes in your primary relationships. The best answer, in my opinion: Your Path.

The Dharma. The Great Tao. The Will of God. In my Facebook post, I suggested that astrology badly needed a paradigm shift.

“[Not] in Our Stars, Dear Brutus…”

Still, those few words change everything. Earth is not flat, but round. Planets orbit the Sun. Gayness is not a disease. Time and space are not constants.

Women are the equals of men. Prior to the 20th Century, science described a universe governed by laws and logic. Then along came relativity and quantum mechanics. Furthermore, in quantum theory, the consciousness of the observer interacts with every experiment. Consciousness itself cannot be separated from our understanding of any physical process. It is our fate to face certain questions and certain possibilities at certain times. How we respond to them is governed by consciousness, not by the planets.

It has never failed. It has no competition. Afterwards there is an unseemly scramble to save face. The lack of a reliable, verified time of birth for Clinton was a grievous technical problem. It was trotted out as an explanation for the failure. At least one astrologer on the panel came closest to the truth by predicting that Clinton would win the election, but not be inaugurated.

And, OK, Clinton did win the popular vote by three million and of course she will not be inaugurated. And that made astrology look bad. My point here is not to disparage anyone. My point is that the very existence of the panel did not do any favors for our profession. The headline screams, Astrologers Predict Clinton Victory. And Trump wins. We made a promise we could not keep, and the parts of the media that cared about astrology at all savaged us for it. I know I received some votes, but I did not make the cut with enough to be chosen.

With those last words, she hits the nail on the head as far as I am concerned. We simply cannot do accurate astrology and simultaneously ignore the power of the human will. I can almost see the shaking heads and heavenward, hopeless gazes of any conventional astrologers reading these words! That Steven Forrest is such an air head.

But here is my response: these are questions that astrology can actually answer.

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  7. My hope is that the community of astrologers as a whole learns from this failure rather than compartmentalizing it, rationalizing, and ultimately forgetting about the whole embarrassing mess and the public damage it did to our higher purposes. Using astrology to see the future is. So why does predictive astrology work so well? Actually it does not. That system works well a lot of the time.

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